Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogging from my phone

Ok i know it has been forever but what else would you expect from me.  Im figuring out how to blog from my phone so this is just a test.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yes I know its been along time....

I dont know if anyone even reads my blog any more, but I thought I would update it anyways. Well it has been a very long, stressful two years. Caitlin is now 9 turning ten in March, Zander is 7 and Gavin is now 4. It is amazing how fast my offspring has grown up. During the summer we sold our house in West Jordan and we are now renting a house in Riverton, its not our favorite but it is a roof over our heads right?

I finally graduated from nursing school in September and passed state boards in Novemeber. I cant beleive I am an official Registered Nurse, this is something I have always wanted but never beleived I would ever acheive. (See everyone high school drop outs can amount to something) Now I'm struggling to find a job, I finally get through with school and of course there is no longer nursing shortage. This so was not in my plan, I just hope and pray that I find a job soon since my lovely student loans are going to be due here soon. I still am working as a CNA, but I would so much rather get paid nurses wages instead of CNA wages.

Oh ya our family is growing...yes we are having our fourth and last child due June 8. It was quite the surprise since we did get rid of all of our baby stuff during the move. This is another reason why I need a job!!! As of today I am 15 weeks, so next month we get to find out what we are having and most importantly if this little baby is healthy or not. I know this sounds crazy but I really dont think I could handle having another baby born with any problems. It was horrible to watch Gavin go through what he did knowing that there wasnt a thing I could do to make it better. I know the chances are good that this baby will be healthy, but I thought that with my last baby and got the worst news of my life so the thought is always in the back of my mind.

My camera is broken at the moment so no new pics at this time.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Caitlins 8th Birthday Party!

I cant beleive Caitlin is already eight, time sure does fly by. I just cannot imagine my life without her she brings such joy and sunshine into my life. Iam so proud of her, she is doing so awesome in school and she is such a great big sister. So this year for her party She wanted a High School Musical 3 slumber Party and so thats what she got. And can you beleive all 10 girls that were invited actually came and slept over it was like I had little tacos lined up on my floor. For her party we decorated some very cute wood picture frame that were pink and the girls put bows, stars and flowers on them, and then they all posed for a picture to put in the frame. Then we played a couple of games of musical chairs, and pin the microphone on Gabriella the girls had a blast!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jury Duty, For real?

So I havent posted in a while and thats due to a broken camera, and well I've just been a little busy with school. Well I just have to vent a little bit about my adventure with jury duty. So I get my little summons for jury duty a few months ago, well I put it in my back pack and forgot about it. Well a week before my duty I remembered and called in and accepted my fate, but was pissed about it come on its not that I dont want to do it , I just didnt want to do it right now because I have enough to do with work, kids and school. So anyways I've been on Jury call all week and have called every night and they didnt need me so I thought I was off the hook and then I called thursday night and wouldnt you know they need me. REALLY the last stinking day they need me. So I show up down town at 8 am in the morning and sit through 4hours of questions from the judge and then wouldnt you know out of 18 people I get chosen to be one of four jurors. Seriously Me, the freak they want me to decide someones fate, I was pretty mad. And its not like this was an interesting case, it was a petty theft case that involved a dude, some sleep meds, and a seven eleven, seriously this case needed a jury? Wow this is what our tax dollars goes towards, Iam impressed!!! Well overall it was quite the eventfull day, but Iam going to have a hard time not spending the $18.50 i got paid it one place. Thanks for letting me vent, and always remember your good enough your smart enough and dog gonit people like you!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Race for the Cure

So for my birthday this year the Race for the Cure just happens to fall on it, and I have been wanting to run this in memory of my grandma who died of breast cancer. So I'm trying to get a big group of people together who would like to come and run this race for a very good cause. The race in on May 9th at 8:30 a.m. the cost is $25 if you register online or $30 if you mail in your registration. I think this would be a lot of fun, you dont have to run you can walk, and you can do the 5k or the 1mile walk, and all the money goes to a very good cause. And of course its my birthday so you have to do what I say. HaHaha! Well let me know if any of you are interested, I'm bringing my kids with me (pushing them in a jogging stroller of course). The website is if you have any other question about the race. I hope you all decide to come out.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On to New Years

Since Brads parents were out of town for Christmas we all got together on New Years to have the traditional Prime Rib dinner at Grandmas house. The kids had so much fun with their cousins, and of course they were even more excited to have more presents to open. After that we went home and some of our friends came over with their kids and the adults play guitar hero until 5 a.m.. It was a good time. Mommy and her cute little man Gavin
All of the grandkids on the Palfreyman side

Zander trying to figure out his new gun he got for christmas

Caitlin got a keyboard from grandma and grandpa Palfreyman

Zander was so excited to have such a big present to open

Heres Gavin attacking a present ont he floor