Saturday, December 20, 2008

CHoo CHoo trains And Gingerbread houses

Tonight Aunt Christy brough Choo Choo trains for the boys and Gingerbread houses for the girls to make. The kids had so much fun putting all the candy on the houses and trains. Thanks to Aunt Christy for buying all the kits for the kids to do they had so much fun.

Late Posting

Well I havent posted in a while because I've had finals. And I'd like to report that I got straight A's this semester. This is the first time in history so I'm proud of myself. These pictures are of us taking the kids sledding last sunday. We have this field by our house so we decided to take the kids out for a little bit. The wind was so cold I think we were only out there for 20 minutes.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My inappropriate Blog

So as some of you already know, someone out there flagged my blog for inappropriate material. So I would like to say this in the nicest way possible to that lovely person out there: if you dont like my blog then gosh darn it DONT READ IT!! And do you not have anything better to do with your time or what? No really if I did offend any of my friends or family I do apologize, but I still dont think I have anything to outlandish on here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My rockstar

Gavins favorite thing to do is play the guitar. He is constantly stealing this guitar from Zander so that he can rock out. He is so freakin cute he always goes around the house singing and jammin out. He can also turn anything into an intsrument, its amazing how creative kids can be. His new thing is squinting his eyes whenever he puts on a cheeser grin.

Caitlins Dance Recital

Caitlin had her Christmas dance recital last night at Taylorsville High School. Her class danced to Sleigh Ride and she did such an awesome job! I asked her if she was scared because the auditorium was full! And she just simply replyed um no, if I get stage fright I just take a deep breath in and its gone. I have to say she is alot braver then I was at her age. Being the mom of the year that Iam when I decided to record her recital I had the camera turned on and ready to go and as soon as I pushed record the screen flashe disc full! I was so mad, so luckily grandma recorded the dance. Sometimes Iam such a air head I swear. OH ya sorry about the pictures I tried to rotate them but it diddnt work.