Friday, March 13, 2009

Jury Duty, For real?

So I havent posted in a while and thats due to a broken camera, and well I've just been a little busy with school. Well I just have to vent a little bit about my adventure with jury duty. So I get my little summons for jury duty a few months ago, well I put it in my back pack and forgot about it. Well a week before my duty I remembered and called in and accepted my fate, but was pissed about it come on its not that I dont want to do it , I just didnt want to do it right now because I have enough to do with work, kids and school. So anyways I've been on Jury call all week and have called every night and they didnt need me so I thought I was off the hook and then I called thursday night and wouldnt you know they need me. REALLY the last stinking day they need me. So I show up down town at 8 am in the morning and sit through 4hours of questions from the judge and then wouldnt you know out of 18 people I get chosen to be one of four jurors. Seriously Me, the freak they want me to decide someones fate, I was pretty mad. And its not like this was an interesting case, it was a petty theft case that involved a dude, some sleep meds, and a seven eleven, seriously this case needed a jury? Wow this is what our tax dollars goes towards, Iam impressed!!! Well overall it was quite the eventfull day, but Iam going to have a hard time not spending the $18.50 i got paid it one place. Thanks for letting me vent, and always remember your good enough your smart enough and dog gonit people like you!!


Shauna said...

hahaha! I'm sorry, it's not funny that your entire day got wasted, but of all the people there, you were one of the 4 chosen! What are the odds!! Wish I was there to help you spend your 18.50!!

The Caswells said...

that's INSANE. Like I posted on your facebook, I also cannot believe they had jurors for a case like that. How ridiculous! But hey, at least you got paid something! And if you didn't take time off for jury duty- I'm very ashamed of you! LOL JK.

Mathis and Kari said...

I was oncall the night that you were scheduled but couldn't come in due to your jury duty, and let me tell you it was an insane night! Probably not as bad as what you had to sit through though. I'm sorry you had to do that. Go buy yourself something good! :)